Top Spinomenal
Prize pool:
60 000 EUR
Until 1 June

This May play top Spinomenal slots to win in each round of the tournament series! Each of four rounds has its own win condition and devoted to a certain game line-up of the provider.

Spin more in the Demi Gods round! Get lucky with symbols in the Wolf Pack round! Or simply win more often in the Lucky Jack Adventures round! 10% of scored points transferred to the final round, the Majestic Beasts, where you score points depending on how big of a multiplier you get. Prepare yourself in advance!

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  • πŸ“… Schedule of the event:
    • Round 1: 02-05-2022 (00:00 UTC) – 08-05-2022 (23:59 UTC);
    • Round 2: 09-05-2022 (00:00 UTC) – 16-05-2022 (23:59 UTC);
    • Round 3: 17-05-2022 (00:00 UTC) – 23-05-2022 (23:59 UTC);
    • Round 4: 24-05-2022 (00:00 UTC) – 01-06-2022 (23:59 UTC).
  • βœ… Minimum bet: 0.2 EUR (0.2 USD; 0.3 CAD; 1.4 BLR). Only bets with real money with no activated bonus count. If the minimum bet amount is unavailable, rounded up to the next higher available bet size in the game.
  • 🎰 Qualifying games:
    • Round 1: Demi Gods II, Demi Gods III, Demi Gods IV, Book Of Demi Gods II, Book Of Demi Gods III, Demi Gods IV – Thunderstorm, Book of Demi Gods II, Majestic King;
    • Round 2: Wolf Fang, Wolf Fang – Winter Storm, Book Of Wolves, Wolf Fang – Iron Wolf, Book of Demi Gods II, Majestic King;
    • Round 3: Lucky Jack – Tut’s Treasure, Lucky Jack – Lost Jungle, Book of Demi Gods II, Majestic King;
    • Round 4: Majestic King, Majestic Winter, Majestic King – Sunset, Book of Demi Gods II, Majestic King.
  • πŸ” Each round has its own condition to score winning points. However, during the tournament, players might receive additional tasks. By fulfilling the tasks, players may be rewarded with an additional score or credit points.
    • Round 1. Every 10 spins reward you with 1 score point.
    • Round 2. Each time the displayed symbol on the top bar is landing in one of the reels, you will be rewarded with 1 score point.
    • Round 3. Each won bet rewards you with 1 score point.
    • Round 4. You start this round with credit points equal to 10% of all points you have scored in the previous rounds, and also received as a reward for completing tasks. Each win rewards you with a score based on the win multiplier (for example, if you waged 1 EUR and won 10 EUR, you will be rewarded with 10 points).
  • The total score in progress is displayed on the leaderboard, but only starts with at least 100 points in the current round (each player will get a personal Tournament ID for the leaderboard).
  • At the end of each round, the top 100 players with the highest scores among all the participants from all operators win. If two or more players have the same amount of points at the end of the tournament, the player who reached the points first will be ranked higher.
  • πŸ† Prize pool:
    • Round 1: 10,000 EUR for 100 winners;
    • Round 2: 15,000 EUR for 100 winners;
    • Round 3: 15,000 EUR for 100 winners;
    • Round 4: 20,000 EUR for 100 winners.
  • All prizes may be paid in a money equivalent. Malfunction voids all play and pays. Prizes to Cryptocurrency players will be shown and paid in EUR value.
  • The rules, terms, and conditions of the tournament can be changed at any time according to Casino’s sole discretion.
  • Spinomenal reserves the right to stop the Tournament at any time for an indefinite period without paying the prizes and change the rules of the tournament without prior notice.

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